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Our project is based in the Samia District of western Kenya. Here there are many grandparents struggling to raise their grandchildren who have been abandoned by their parents due to poverty issues and the AIDS epidemic.

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Our mission is to support and empower those who have found themselves raising their grandchildren with little to no support. After all, the best way to help the children of Kenya is to support and empower those who are caring for them!

We start by organizing grandparents into groups. This gives each grandparent a community of people in a like situation that can offer much emotional support.

We then offer such things as housing grants, micro-finance loans, farming advice, counselling services, and assistance with paying school and health care fees.

Ember is recognized as an official NGO in Kenya. The Project is governed by a local Advisory Board and the office is staffed by 11 local people, who are working largely on a voluntary basis. Positions at Ember include a project director, a finance manager, a receptionist, a driver, and field workers. Field workers work in areas of counselling, outreach, agriculture (crops and livestock), and micro-finance.

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