grandparents homes


Many grandparents live in mud homes with thatched roofs. Over time, the mud walls deteriorate and roofs begin to leak. With better houses the grandparents become healthier and are better able to provide a stable home environment for the grandchildren.

Huts with thatched roofs do not last as long as huts with tin roofs, so Ember aims to build houses with tin roofs. Below you can see a picture of one of the grandparent’s huts. To the right, you can see the new hut that was being built for her family in November of 2010.

Nafula’s Old Hut
Example of a House Built with Ember Funding

proud grandma granddaughter and new house

Proud grandmother with her granddaughter and new house built with help from Ember

Ember also assists grandparents in the building of latrines.

Latrine Building

As of the spring of 2015, Ember Kenya has helped build 74 houses and 8 pit toilets