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Counselling and Education

Ember works diligently to provide grandparents and their grandchildren with counselling and education offerings.

Ember trains and employs locals to organize grandparents into groups of 5-7 people of which there are 59 of these groups. Each group chooses a name for itself in the local language. Translations of these names include “God As With Us”, “Joy”, and “Now We Have Hope”. These small groups support each other emotionally. Ember works with these small groups to provide information such things as HIV prevention and conflict resolution.

Many grandchildren have emotional problems in part due to the loss of their parents. Ember works to help Ember children deal with trauma through education of their grandparents and programs such as theater therapy.

Ember knows that education is the key to the future for the grandchildren. In Kenya, school is technically free; however, children must purchase their own school uniform and pay some school fees. If children do not have the proper uniform, they are often not permitted to attend school. Ember, thus, helps grandchildren with school fees. Ember also runs tutoring services to help Ember grandchildren experience success in school.

ember grandchildren and volunteer teachers










Ember grandchildren with adults who provide voluntary after school tutoring

As of the spring of 2015, Ember was providing school fees for almost 150 children including 19 in university.

Ember grandchildren outside of their school
ember grandchildren at local school