Farming and Livestock

The area of Kenya where Ember Kenya is based is largely rural. Grandparents often support themselves with subsistence farming. Some of the plants that are grown include groundnuts, mangoes, and sorghum. Ember aims to help grandparents be more efficient and effective farmers.

farming spring 2015

Ember Grandparent with Mango she has Grown
Ember Grandparent with mango she grew


Ember also helps grandparents who are no longer physically able to work in the fields by giving them opportunities to raise pigs, poultry, goats, and bees.


pigs spring 2015 3

Ember Board Members petting an Ember pig

pigs spring 2015 2










pigpens spring 2015

Pig pens on the Ember property

pigpens spring 2015 2

The Ember barns

poultry spring 2015

Poultry in the Ember barns

Grandmother with a kid born to a goat that was loaned to her by Ember


beehives spring 2015

Beehives on the Ember office steps



In the spring of 2015, there were approximately 350 small scale farmers in the Ember project