April 2015 – Robert Barasa and his wife, Phyllis, travel to Chicago to visit old friends and supporters of Ember.

Work begins on the building of a new office building for Ember staff that will also be home to counselling offices. Currently, counselling sessions are held outside on the lawn in front of the Ember office building, which does not allow for privacy. Northminster Presbyterian provided much of the money needed to complete this building project.

new ember offices spring 2015 2 New Ember office building and counselling center

August 2013 – Paul and Pam Rolfes, friends from Northminster Presbyterian Church visit Ember.


Pam Rolfes inside the Ember offices with Board Members, Boris and Andrew. (Aug 2013)


June 2013 – Tokyo Union Church helps Ember purchase a new truck. This truck will┬áreplace the old Ember vehicle, which often broke down. The truck will be used by Ember staff to visit grandparents in rural communities and will also be used to take sick grandparents to hospital.

with the new truck spring 2015









Ember children with the new truck purchased by Tokyo Union Church. (Aug 2013)











The old Ember truck that often broke down (Aug 2013)

Summer 2011 – Mary Fish, a member of Tokyo Union Church and someone who had visited as part of the team that visit from Tokyo Union Church in 2009, visits Ember with her friend, Joy Seed. Mary and Joy spend seven days with Ember staff, visiting communities, listening to grandparents stories, and helping to build an Ember house.





Ember receives a volunteer from VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) named Fatima from the Philipines. Fatima helps Ember with their counselling program.

October 2009 – A mission team visits from Tokyo Union Church to learn about the work that Ember does. The team is incredibly impressed and upon return to Japan, decides to become a financial sponsor.


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