How You Can Help

Projects like this need your prayers. Please keep the staff of Ember, Ember board members, the grandparents of Funyula, and their grandchildren in your prayers.

Projects like this also require $$$ funding. Your donations will help grandparents and their grandchildren in many ways. Money is needed for micro-finance projects, counselling and education programs, health care, school fees, and housing.

For more information on how to donate, please visit our page titled Donate Now.

How Your Donations Can Help

$10 USD – will pay for two nutritious and filling meals for one grandparent family. Many grandparents, who are raising anywhere from one to thirteen grandchildren, can only provide their grandchildren only one meal of cassava a day. This gift will allow a grandparent to provide his or her grandchildren with two nutritious and filling meals.
Two Ember Kids Enjoying Some Food
Two Ember Kids Enjoying Some Food
$30 USD – will allow one orphaned child being raised by his/her grandparents to go to school for one month. Education is the key to the future, and these children are already at a disadvantage due to their living situation. Your gift of school fees will allow this child the chance to get an all-important education.

$30 USD – will pay for a school uniform for one grandchild being raised by his or her grandparents. In Kenya, children are not allowed to go to school unless they have the required school uniform. Your gift of school uniform will allow this child, who is already living without parents, a chance to get an education.
$30 USD – will pay for health insurance for one grandparent family for one year. Elderly grandparents who are working hard to raise their grandchildren often have health issues. If they do not have health insurance, they often cannot afford treatment when they or one of their grandchildren falls ill. Your gift of health insurance will help ensure the health of the grandparent and his/her grandchildren.
$30 USD – will support one Ember grandparent to set up a small business. Ember knows that the first step to helping the parentless children of Kenya is to empower their caregivers. Ember provides loans and business advice to help grandparents begin small businesses that will generate the income they need to provide for their grandchildren. These small businesses cost very little to start up but have amazing potential. Successful small businesses create sustainability, as many Ember grandparents give their excess proceeds back to the project in order to further help other grandparents. Below an Ember grandparent holds a mango that she has grown as part of her Ember small business. She will use the sale of the mangos to pay for food and school fees for her grandchildren.
Ember Grandparent with Mango she has Grown
Ember grandparent with mango she has grown
$60 USD – will support a grandchild who is a total orphan for one month. The children in the Ember program are cared for by their grandparents, who are often quite elderly and in poor health. As a result, sometimes the grandparents pass away leaving their grandchildren orphaned once again. Ember strives to help these orphans. Your gift will pay for the care of an orphaned grandchild for one month.
Ember Clinic Staff Member
Ember Clinic Staff Member
$120 USD – will pay the salary of an Ember Kenya employee for a month. Ember Kenya is a total non-profit organization, which operates purely on the funding received by individual groups and people. They have no specific funding source. As a result, many Ember employees are paid small wages.
$1000 USD – will purchase a laptop for the Ember Kenya offices. Currently, only one of their laptops has the capability to connect to the Internet. 

To Donate, visit our “Donate Now” page.