Grandparent Stories

Ruth (name changed)

  • husband died
  • 2 of her own children died
  • is now raising 3 grandchildren
  • Ember gave her ground nuts to plant, blankets, school uniforms, and a micro-credit loan of 500 Kenyan shillings to start a business selling matchbooks and paraffin.
  • she herself is living with HIV/AIDS.


  • 4 of her children died, leaving her with 5 grandchildren to raise
  • some of the grandchildren are epileptic
  • Ember gave her a 500 Kenyan shilling loan – she buys bananas and walks a far distance to the market in Funyula to sell them
  • Her grandparent group chose her as the recipient for an Ember house. It was being built in October of 2009.
Nafula with Alan, the project’s financial officer